First Monthly Sporting Challenge

First Monthly Sporting Challenge

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I know that Ceroc is not technically a sport, but we are using the phrase ‘Sporting Challenge’ in its loosest sense.  Basically anything that might elevate the heart rate.  (Look out for Rampant Sex later on in the year!)

Ceroc is supposed to be a fusion of Salsa and Jive and if I’m completely honest I was a bit nervous about being Salsa’d around and Jived at by fit, hip swinging, nubile 20 somethings.  Needn’t have bothered worrying though, as the average age of the men there was nearer to 50 something.  And they still put me to shame.  They were all very polite as us lady’s moved along the line after each new step learnt.  Some men were supportive once you told them it was your first time.  Some men gave you tips on how to improve your posture or loosen your grip.  Some men looked down their nose at you and couldn’t wait to swing you onto the next in line.  After the first hour I had relaxed enough to enjoy the dancing.  Once you were allowed to practice all the steps in a complete sequence it did get you out of breath.  But the novelty soon wore off and I got fed up of being spun round and round.

Overall I would rate this Fun and Atmosphere 3, fitness 2.

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