Flabby arms and summer heat - lethal combo

Flabby arms and summer heat – lethal combo

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When I look through the clothes hung neatly in my wardrobe, after recently having moved all the under the bed clothes into the wardrobe. I’ve realised that all of the clothes are sleeveless and I’m suddenly aware of my less than toned upper arms.

Is it only me that notices? Is it only me that actually cares? Some days I don’t seem to bother about it and merrily go about my business and don’t really think about the swinging bingo wings. But today i’m afraid is not one of those days, and I really seem to be thinking about it. Looking at other people and seeing if they have wobbling arms, and if so does everyone point and stare? Well speaking from experience, today no one has stopped me and told me that my untoned limbs are putting them off their dinner, but maybe it did and everyone was simply too polite to say? Whatever I have braved it and worn the sleeveless shirt, but at times I have been slightly self conscious.

Whatever everyone’s thoughts are, i’m thinking of lifting full tins of baked beans in both arms for 20 minutes later…. do you think this will make any difference? (as a home made solution to the gym arm lifting gear)

Have you ever used any homemade gear? Has it ever worked? Let me know, and in the meantime, I’m off to hunt for where I left that dress with sleeves in it!

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