Monthly Sporting Challenge - Power walking

Monthly Sporting Challenge – Power walking

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This month we went to find out what all the fuss is about Power Walking. Each month we take a monthly challenge to find out more and particpitae in a new sport or sporty task.

We decided to go for a power walk around a pretty lake which is relatively close by to where both Jacqui and I live. It was 6-30 in the evening when we set off from our cars, after first having a Capri-Sun each as it was boiling hot, and I was convinced that I was going to suffer from heat exhaustion. We started off at a relatively speedy pace, but after walking for about 10 minutes i noticed that the pace had dropped somewhat, so we sped up again and after a short spurt of energy we again kind of drifted into a slower pace. It was at this point a couple in their sixties sped past us arms swinging, brows furrowed and this gave us the final shot in the arm that we needed for raising the pace again. It took us about an hour to walk all the way around the lake, and as the evening has passed, so had the temperature dropped and I felt a strange sense of satisfaction about having made it all the way round the lake without it getting dark before we finished!

The evening was very pleasant, and we did manage to have a conversation whilst we were walking, which begs the question of if we really were power walking at all? Anyway all in all, we had a good time, and the night being so very pleasant made it very enjoyable. It did lack a certain “buzz” of excitement, after all how unexciting is walking? but the swans and the baby ducklings that were on the lake almost made up for it.

Here’s the scores on the doors for power walking… fun and atmosphere 3* calorie burning 3*

Let us know if you’ve been power walking, or indeed if you’ve got some other suggestion for sports for next month

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