The night we went to Ceroc...

The night we went to Ceroc…

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Picture the scene…

Two women in dresses which are past the knee but not to the actual ankle, ready for a bit of exercise in the form of dancing called Ceroc which bills itself as a cross between Salsa and Jive.  We were expecting a beginners class – which is what we had booked onto. However when we got there to the outskirts of Sheffield in a Leisure Centre (which had seen better days) we were greeted warmly by a young very toned tanned lady in her early twenties who was wearing black trousers and a top so cropped I would have asked for my money back! We were told that basically the evening for beginners was that you “are thrown in at the deep end, but shown the basic moves” internally my stomach started to flip and feel very uncomfortable.

It’s that feeling of not really knowing what you are doing, combined with the feeling that everyone else does know what they are doing, and so we started. Drinks were bought for from the fully licensed bar (this is a social event after all) We started by everyone standing in rows facing the front a but like attending an aerobic class as the Tutor (cropped top lady)  begin showing and then instructing everyone the basic steps. Now, when I say basic, I actually mean about 9 steps all put together and called “a move” so it was rather complicated but everyone was following, and to some extent both Jacqui and I got most of the moves, if somewhat lagging behind, looking lost and bursting into laughter when we realised that everyone is facing the back and we are still  facing the front, and now everyone is looking at us! So after a few false starts I finally started to relax and settle into the counting up to 10 with steps attached to it.

The actual dancing then begin in earnest and it was very similar to line dancing, in that the women danced with a partner for about 30 seconds then when the instructor shouted, all the ladies moved onto the next partner. So it was a constant battle of stepping on your new partners toes, blushing, saying sorry, moving on and then repeated the whole process. The moves mostly entailed some kind of spin or turn, so i was really glad that i’d put on shoes with only a 3 inch heel, rather that the 4 inch stiletto which I was debated before leaving.

I have to say that by the end of the evening I was all rather twirled out, as you end up being spun around that many times that I’m sure from above it must have looked a pinball game. I did enjoy the evening, but didn’t feel that it was something I wanted to do each week, although I was in awe when the free styling was announced and we were surrounded by young and old who were grooving to their own rhythms and dance moves – which was very impressive.

Overall I’m going to score Ceroc like this… Fun and atmosphere 4* and calorie burning 3*

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