The purple summery dress – does it fit yet?

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I’ve got the most beautiful striking purple summer maxi dress (I realise that description doesn’t do it justice, but the actual dress is simply stunning) which I bought about 2 years ago now, and it’s always been about 2 dress sizes too small. (They only had it in this¬†size¬†which was 2 sizes too small, but I feel in love with it, and bought it anyway) I know that it’s 2 sizes too small, but hey this is my personal challenge of being able to wear the dress ideally by late autumn, and it’s July now, so I”ve got to get my attitude right and focus my brain on this gorgeous dress.

At the moment the dress can’t fit all the way around me and is about 5 inches away from even being close to zipping up. But i’m determined to wear it during 2010 so every few weeks or so i’ll be doing an update and letting you know exactlly how I’m getting on.

Have you got clothes that you can’t fit into or like me have never ever been able to fit into? Do let us know via comments below

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