Baking and licking the bowl!

Baking and licking the bowl!

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How proud am I? After my motivation deserted me quicker than the stubborn pounds when I succumbed to a Sunday night Chinese, tonight I have redeemed myself and very proud I am too!

I love to bake and make cakes etc (when I have time, which is a pretty rare commodity these days) but tonight I have made raspberry and white chocolate cookies and have been extremely good, so good in fact I didn’t even lick out the bowl or scrape out it’s contents onto a spoon. I think the tradition in our house used to stem from when my mum used to make cakes when I was little and then used to offer the mixing bowl to me for polishing off (Read: Head inside bowl turned upside down, leaving chocolate dribbles in my hair, on my head, on my nose, and a little went in the mouth!) but I always offer the bowl to my darling or to anyone nearby (and it’s never refused) but tonight everyone is out, so i’m home alone, and I wanted to redeem myself from the fiasco that was Sunday night.

So having made the cookies, which looked amazing, (but i have resisted)  I scraped all of the mixture onto the backing tray and then washed up the bowl. That may seem really minor and trivial but it saved me about 4oo calories I reckon. I think  that it’s more of a habit than a ritual, but if anyone had been around I would have offered them the bowl, and then wouldn’t have faced the temptation. But overall tonight I feel chuffed at my little “win” I think it’s amazing at these little factors which lighten your mood and change your perspective – what do you think?

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  • November 16, 2010
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  • July 31, 2010
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