The curse of the Sunday night Chinese

The curse of the Sunday night Chinese

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Wel, the diet plan was going very well, And l I was getting along VERY nicely, I’d resisted the bacon sandwich on saturday morning, and the cake mid afternoon, and I’d even gone for a tomato based pasta on saturday evening. All seemed to be going along tickety boo on Sunday, having had bran flakes for breakfast and a tuna and egg salad midday when my darling husband asked me if I “fancied a Chinese takeaway?” Now i’m usually very good at temptation, but crispy duck, spring rolls and sweet and sour chicken,so i found myself thinking mmmm, which is why I whispered back “Ooh that would be lovely” Already in my head I could almost taste the crispy duck pancakes and the sticky, sweet and slightly sickly hoi sin sauce. So bang went my “being good weekend” which rapidly tuned into a terrible weekend. ( having checked afterwards it was about a zillion calories!!)

But what exactly are you supposed to do? I wanted to be sociable, and treat myself, but I also wanted to stick to the plan, however sadly on this occasion the plan lost and the Chinese won.  On reflection I would never be able to compete with crispy duck and spring rolls which are two of my favourite chinese foods. It’s strange how some foods are evocative and get you licking your lips before you even smell or see them isn’t it?

What foods can’t you resist? share your stories here…

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  • July 31, 2010
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