Is it as simple as counting to 5?

Is it as simple as counting to 5?


Today is going to be a good day, I’m feeling very positive and although the sun isn’t shining, it is a warm and pleasant day. This has a big impact on how positive you feel (well it does for me)

Today i’m going to follow the principle that if I want something to eat, I’m going to have my 5 a day before I eat any sweets or chocolate or crisps.  My theory behind this is that once the actual moment of wanting the chocolate has passed, and I’ve had a bowl of strawberries instead I’ll feel full enough not to want the chocolate.

For me, it’s not the avoidance of  wanting to eat more fruit and vegetables, it’s simply that they aren’t as exciting. But today I’m going to try and change my mindset for this issue. So for breakfast today I’ve had a lovely bowl of strawberries, and for lunch i’m having a jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn with a tiny dab of mayo. If i want any snacks throughout the day i’ve lined up 2 pears which are peeled and cut in the fridge, a handful of green grapes and an emergency banana. If i get through all of that the fruit bowl is full of nectarines and apples.

Having re-read this post it actually seems rather simple in practice, eat more of the fruit and vegetables (in their natural state) and treat yourself only occasionally to cake, chocolate and crisps. I think the keyword here is WILLPOWER, but by being organised and taking it one day at a time, i’ll let you know the update next week when the results will show for themselves. I’ll keep you updated on the “Counting to 5″ theory.

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One Response to “Is it as simple as counting to 5?”

  1. michelle says:

    WOW what a good idea, I have never thought about doing anything like this before…I am going to give it a try, thanks :)

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  • November 16, 2010
    Your post has been referred in a forum as a good read with regards to the subject. Im glad I stopped by. Take care.
  • July 31, 2010
    Just lost 8 pounds on this diet in my first week