The curious case of the coffee Revel

The curious case of the coffee Revel

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I know this is a blog about losing weight, but why do we eat things that we simply don’t like? My case in question is coffee revels… love them or loathe them, they are in every pack, and they are one of the soft centred selection. (Along with orange, which isn’t my favourite, but I  don’t dislike) So in order to find out if they are coffee, I bite the smaller chocolates in half to see what’s inside, and here is the crucial part of it. Once i’ve bitten them in half, and discovered that they are coffee centred which I don’t like, why do I then eat the other half of the coffee? I never put them in the bin I simply eat them! If it was a vegetable that I didn’t like, like mushrooms, there’s absolutely no way that I would even entertain putting the other half in my mouth, but because it’s coated in chocolate (albeit a thin coating) I manage to eat the coffee revel. To prove my point even more, I don’t event pull a face once i’m eating the second half. Exactly why can I do this? I love a good puzzle and this one has definitely got me thinking – so what it is that you don’t like but will eat because it has a sugary coating or is mixed with something else? Is it because we are heavily marketed to for chocolate, crisps and snacks? I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember when I saw an advert for broccoli or parsnips? let me know your thoughts on this one.

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