Being warm = being full?

Being warm = being full?

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Today the weather has really changed and it’s gone from being very windy and cool, to really rather warm and sunny with hardly no breeze. Yesterday when I was looking in the freezer, I pulled out some beef chunks and thought i’d make chilli con carne, as it was so very blustery. But then lo and behold today, now that the meat has defrosted  it’s a glorious sub tropical day.  I thought “Oh well, i’ll put it in the slow cooker and still make the chilli.” Normally I serve the chilli in large pasta style bowls, and tonight I served up 2 ladles of chilli, but found myself after about 15 minutes still looking at about half of it uneaten in the dish.

Now i’m not normally one to meddle with food on my plate, but I was simply too warm to really be enjoying the chilli, which was delicious. Instead of wolfing down the entire plateful and wondering if I could fit in another ladle, I was hot, warm from the weather outside and didn’t really enjoy my meal.

Which brings me onto the question of are the continental women so slim because they have a warmer climate and they actually don’t  want to eat as much? However I thought about this, and the only place where this doesn’t really prove my point is America,(in fact it blatantly goes against it!) but leaving that one aside, is it really true that when it’s hot you don’t have as big an appetite? Love to hear your thoughts on this one, but I know for definite that if it’s warm tomorrow i’ll be having chicken and bacon salad, and not leftover chilli!

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