The silhouette of shame!

The silhouette of shame!

Sometime all it takes is something material to really make you sit and think. This has happened to me this very morning. I was walking with my friend and the sun was shining behind us, it was early in the morning and our silhouette’s were in front of us. We were talking and catching up in general about life, friends etc and then I looked down for a moment and as we walking I spotted our silhouettes on the ground in front of us.

I was REALLY struck at how different they were. Although there’s only 2 inches difference in height, my friend’s silhouette was relatively fluid and smooth, and I looked lumpy, round but in proportion (much bigger than I would like though!) I couldn’t get the image out of my head, it’s almost as though the silhouette can’t lie, and the truth is really hurting my ego at the moment!

So it got me thinking about when I read stories about women who have said “I saw the picture of me in the bikini and just knew I had to take action” and i’m wondering if i’ve had my “eureka” moment for actually getting on with being serious about losing weight. I’m not 100% convinced of it yet, but I do know that it has had a very profound effect on my morning so far. In fact I have resisted some birthday cake in the office, and I had a nectarine instead – which is a good start.

Do you have any images / events / stories to share which kick started you into action – would love to hear from you

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