The scales are calling... what will they say?

The scales are calling… what will they say?

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Well, i’ve been putting this moment off, but as a main contributor to My Big Fat Diet I know that i simply HAVE to get on the scales at some point and do a “starting point” but i’m seriously scared.

I’m following Jacqui’s method and only looking at the numbers in kilograms (kg’s) rather than in stones and pounds, as if i’m honest i don’t really understand the kilograms. What I mean by this is, that the kilogram numbers don’t really relate to being heavy or really heavy or practically baby elephant size!

So i’m revving myself up to actually pluck up the courage, set the scales to kilo’s and jump on the scales. I’m probably going to do it at some point over the weekend or at worst case, Monday morning, so i’ll let you know how I get on, when it happens, and whether I will need a bag of maltesers to comfort me once i’ve been on (don’t worry the irony isn’t lost on me either!)

So bring on Monday and dust off the scales and then hop onboard to a weight loss programme. How was your first “weighing” session? were you scared or was it ok?

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  • November 16, 2010
    Your post has been referred in a forum as a good read with regards to the subject. Im glad I stopped by. Take care.
  • July 31, 2010
    Just lost 8 pounds on this diet in my first week