Rain makes me hungry...

Rain makes me hungry…

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Today it has been really showery, grey and pretty miserable. This type of “grey” weather makes me hanker after comfort, rich foods which are easy to make and very filling. It kind of makes me want to forget how lovely and tasty salads can be, and instead focus on shepherds pie, or Home made stew.

This makes it really difficult to stick to a plan of low fat recipes, as most of the comforting ones are laden with cream, or cheese. This got me thinking …How can I possibly change my thinking patterns just because it is raining? (After all in Britain, it rains for an average of 154 days per year and if I actually made and ate comfort foods for each of these days then the chances of my ever fitting into the purple summery dress are exactly ZERO)

so here’s my top 3 tips for eating healthily when it’s raining:

  1. Plan out your meals in advance and STICK TO THE PLAN
  2. If you have a sweet tooth then have fruit or yoghurt or a low fat pud afterwards
  3. Remember that the rain won’t last but your second portion of shepherds pie will definitely take some shifting

Let me know if you have any other hints and tips for keeping to the plan when it’s grim weather

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