Camping - It's good for the diet!

Camping – It’s good for the diet!

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As I prepared for the forthcoming camping trip I realised that I needed to take all of the stuff for camping, such as tent, tentpegs, sleeping bags etc, but I also needed to plan for the food that we were going to eat. Now this is a really simple principle, but when you are planning to make meals on a 2 ring camping GAZ stove, a la carte it is not! More like 2 pan things, like curry and rice, chilli con carne and pasta and sauce.

So for the  camping expedition I made meals which were balanced, nutritious, delicious (as much as any camping meals can be!) but most of all, I didn’t do the snacking. I took fruit with us, as well as some naughty nibbles but overall I pretty much stuck to the plan of healthy eating and enjoying the meals when they came and were ready.

So this got me pondering, is it really as simple as planning out the weeks’s recipes for what to eat and then sticking to them religiously?  It sounds so easy peasy, but is it actually just the snacking, the calorie laden lunches or the glass of wine after work which kills it off? I’m not sure,  So this week, i’m planning out the meals, sticking to the plan and will report back next week when weigh in comes (next tuesday) until then i’m loving the camping attitude (though not the toilet blocks!)

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  • November 16, 2010
    Your post has been referred in a forum as a good read with regards to the subject. Im glad I stopped by. Take care.
  • July 31, 2010
    Just lost 8 pounds on this diet in my first week