202 Calories per hour painting... Let's decorate the house!

202 Calories per hour painting… Let’s decorate the house!

Wow, As the so called summer seems to have abruptly ended, it makes me think of autumn, cold evenings, snuggly jumpers and home made soup. It also makes me think of  decorating and getting ready for the “indoor seasons” So I have today started to paint one of the rooms. I have done about 2 hours painting, and I must admit it looks ok, but I feel great, if a little tired on the arms from the rollering. So It made me wonder if painting was actually using a lot of calories… and couldn’t really believe it when I checked online and found that each hour of painting, rollering and scraping actually uses up 202 calories. So having paintedf solidly for 2 hours this afternoon, i’ve now burned off 404 calories.

I know that painting is unlikely to be seen as a general form of exercise, but if i kept this up i would certainly have toned arms and upper body. I’ve probably got about 4-5 hours still left to do, which equates to almost 1000 calories, which if i made a concerted effort I would probably be completed within the next 2-3 days. Now that is the same as going to the gym, but you actually have tangible results.

So what activities have you surprised yourself with? Are they good for calorie burning, if so please do let me know as my curiosity has definitely been peaked. PS for those of you who need specifics, it it called Misty Mountain (a really smooth grey colour) and brilliant white.

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2 Responses to “202 Calories per hour painting… Let’s decorate the house!”

  1. Michelle says:

    OMG I am sooooo decorating my house while my kids are on holiday with their nana and grandad…I could do with losing a few pounds to fit back in to my winter trousers.

  2. Bravo, your idea is useful

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