CRAZY overseas's never quite what you were expecting!

CRAZY overseas food…it’s never quite what you were expecting!

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At the moment i’m in Europe for a work project, which i know sounds glamorous, but i can assure you that it’s really hard work, and glamour is the last thing on my mind.

One of the big things on my mind has been food, especially when i got served the equivalent of soup of the day recently. It was quite salty, clear, similar to beef consomme. Only when i asked the waiter what it was did he tell me that it was indeed TRIPE SOUP… you can just imagine my face, as i didn’t want to offend, but also had to cope with the thought of eating cows stomach soup… i can tell you it did wonders for my appetite, as suddenly i wasn’t hungry.

The menu’s abroad are always somewhat different to the UK menu’s. Mainly because they offer wholesome, seasonal dishes which reflect the region, the local landscape and potentially the local culture. I’m going to post up some example menu’s shortly, but in the meantime, what strange things in foreign exotic places have you tried, and did it taste like you expected it to, was it revolting or was it lovely?

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