WIN - St Moriz Goodies competition

WIN – St Moriz Goodies competition

This month’s competition is a range of goodies from St Moriz. They are high quality safe tanning and bronzing products and we are lucky enough to have the following products to give away to one lucky winner. Everyone feels better with a tan. and with the St Moriz range you can certainly look and feel sunkissed!

St Moriz – Instant Self Tanning Mist

St Moriz – Shimmering Bronzing Body Souffle

St Moriz – Instant self tanning mousse

To be in with a chance to win these fabulous prizes worth over £80 simply post a reply saying why you think you should win.

St Moriz have their own facebook page if you would like to become a fan of theirs.

Good luck :-)

PLEASE NOTE THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED Рplease see the  competitions page for more prizes to be won!

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55 Responses to “WIN – St Moriz Goodies competition”

  1. Ashleigh says:

    i would love to win this – as you say everyone looks better with a tan. I have several weddings this year and would love to have a nice tan for them!

  2. sarah allcoat says:

    My teenage daughter buys the cheapest fake tan and ends up streaky and orange please let me win the St Moritz goodies to save her from this desperate situation any longer.

  3. Rebecca Smith
    Twitter: OhNoItsBex

    I believe I should win because I have always wanted to try St Moriz tanning products but have never been able to really afford them, as money is tight at the minute. This results in me looking pale and pasty in contrast to my bronzed friends.

  4. Vikki Measures says:

    I would love to win this prize because I like to have a nice healthy looking glow, and with spring just around the corner it would be great to be looking and feeling good x

  5. marchez50 says:

    I always look really pale and pasty….I have a typical irish complection…..It would be nice too look sunkissed for once

  6. Katie Bennett
    Twitter: KTBennett83

    i would love to win such a great prize i am tring to lose weight and have bought a gift card for a clothes shop that i will only spend when i have lost another stone and what would be better but some tanning products too….. i need all the help i can get i have three children and for the last four years i have had a thyroid problem which did not help the weight issue i am now in the clear and i am trying to lose the weight so anything like this just spurs me on to losing the weight so please pick me ………

  7. Lorna
    Twitter: ellielucky

    I love having a tan and have two weddings this year, my sister in June and stepdaughter in August. I can’t afford a holiday so these would be fab x

  8. Claire Jones says:

    I think I should win because I’ve always got such pastey skin and can never afford to go on holiday, so please let me win to give my skin a bit of a tan!!!

  9. Karen Painter
    Twitter: bruniebox

    I’m pasty pale – white as snow,
    So St Moritz would make me glow!!

  10. joanne saunders says:

    I would love to win this as the weather has been rather nasty over the winter and as they are saying theres more snow to come in febuary i want a tan sooo bad it makes you feel better and look better would love to win :)


    These are supposed to be great so I’d love the chance to try them!

  12. moomoo99 says:

    I am sooo pale that even a raw chicken has more of a tan than me. i haven’t had a sun tan since the early 90’s so really need a helping hand!! ;o)

  13. Jasmine Collier
    Twitter: miskite

    I never manage to get a tan in the summer, so would really like to try some St Moriz to see how I would look

  14. Rhonda says:

    I would love to win because im so pasty and i would love a bit of a tan.

  15. Gosia Myrta says:

    My bridal dress is pure white…….. and as I’m getting married in July a healthy glowing streak free tan would be a weight of my mind!

  16. stacey hill says:

    I Think i should win becuase i would love to . i used to suffer relly bad with psoriasis my teenage years wernt the best but now my skins clear i love getting and having a tan but so much bettr without burning. i have used st moriz befoe its great please would love to win

  17. darkrev says:

    I am Scottish and normal look some where between Blue and white. Some fake tans make me look like an Oompa Loompa. This kind works for my complexion and looks natural. I would love to be considered for this.

  18. hayley sanderson
    Twitter: haze_sx

    because im super pasty! please save me!!

  19. Jennifer Kelly
    Twitter: MrsD_Winchester

    Well, cos I’m UBER white and sunbeds are baaad, plus, I’m pregnant and I’m looking rather green with sickness, a bit of bronze would do me nicely :D

  20. Tracy Nixon
    Twitter: BabbityBee

    I always look so pale over the winter and I get sick of people saying – are you ok? – you look tired? I dont tan very well or even burn???? I must just have weird skin???? I do look so much better with self tan on though – it adds healthiness and a glow to my cheeks!

  21. Carla Jane Morris
    Twitter: liamell12

    I think i should win as im as white as a sheet,
    and i need a decent tan from my head to my feet.
    Something healthy and moisturising with a lovely glow
    St Moriz is the one name that we all know.

    Im known in the winter to become quite pasty
    so when choosing a winner please dont be hasty…
    id love to be sunkissed and golden and tanned
    so a win of St Moriz would be really quite grand :)

  22. Alice Hindley says:

    I think I should win because I’m white as snow and I need some get up and glow

  23. Nicola says:

    I would love to win this prize so I could give it to my friend. She is a fake tan addict and loves St Moriz… actually I think i would keep the shimmering bronzing souffle for myself :)

  24. rushy21 says:

    i think i deserve to win because i havnt had a holiday for nearly 3years now as i have purchased my first house and money for luxuries is tight and i also suffer from pled (basically an allergy to the sun) which means i cant spend much time in the sun without breaking out in an awful rash!! thus no tan!

  25. Diane says:

    I think I should win because I look great with a tan
    When I look great I feel great
    When I feel great I act great
    When I act great everyone smiles
    When everyone smiles I feel great again.

    I’d like the opportunity to spread my greatness.

  26. Angela Parker says:

    My husband says I am whiter than snow – we have a a holiday in June for my 40th and would love to not glow in the pool!!!

  27. Claire Simpson says:

    I love st moriz products. I used them after they were recommended by a friend. Would be great to win so I can have a tan for summer. Great comp!!! Good Luck Everyone!! x

  28. Lori Darling says:

    I should win as I am David Dickinsons biggest (fattest) fan, and I just want to look so like him

  29. katherine grieve says:

    i should win as im as white as a ghost and need some colour!!!

  30. Emma Barron says:

    would love to win this as i went on the sun bed the other day to get a bit of colour and i actually went on the sun bed a bit too long and got prickly heat all over my body and was itchy for days. I think i need to stick to the tan from a bottle now!!

  31. jennie jackson
    Twitter: jen1984j

    i would like to win this as i have the winter blues and i am looking very pale and worn. I have a wedding to go to in a few weeks and would love a nice healthy glow

  32. Vicky Rowland says:

    I have tried so many fake tans (and spent a fortune on them!) and have never been happy with the result of any! I would love to actually find a product that I could use at home and stil get salon quality! Im not convinced it exists!!

  33. Christina Noble says:

    I have very pale skin with moles so I never try to tan and I am still searching for the perfect self-tan and have never tried St Moriz. So please help me look tanned and gorgeous this summer.

  34. Esther says:

    I want to win this as I’m sick of being pale and as I cna’t afford a holiday at the minute would be a lovely bit of sunshine in a bottle :)

  35. michelle thompson says:

    i would love to have this , as i have nearly lost 2 stone, and is going on a cruise soon, would love this to tan up my body

  36. Nicola West says:

    I have my sister’s wedding coming up in may where i am due to be a maid of honor and would love to treat myself and my sister to a tan as we are both very pasty!!

  37. Christine Johnson says:

    l could keep up with the celebs

  38. louisa says:

    i would love to win… im in plaster on my leg after an operation… i need cheering up badly

  39. Jay
    Twitter: cheekychicken24

    I’d love to win this – I’ve never tried St Moritz even though I’m a total self tan addcit!

    I have a really uneven skintone from too much Greek sun in my teens, so I could never go for the pale and interesting look however much I might want to try it!

  40. Alison says:

    I’d love to win as I am tired of looking pale and interesting

  41. julie says:

    I think I should win because looking healthy and tanned makes me feel more confident. In addition, I always feel that I look a little slimmer, which is no bad thing as I have a few pounds to shift!

  42. almac1965 says:

    I’d love to get my partner this, she loves to be tanned, but we can’t afford to go somewhere warm :-|

  43. Kylie Martin
    Twitter: kylieloveseva

    I am getting married in a couple of months time at the Red Rock canyon outside of Las Vegas. At the moment I am paler than pale and do not fancy damaging my skin in order not to look washed out in my wedding photo’s. I would love to win this product

  44. aadams says:

    fat and white is not a pretty site, now that I have joined your site I hope to lose weight and it would be great if I also had a nice healthy glow

  45. Suzanne sendell says:

    tried them all i so need help x can you make a difference to me !!!!

  46. marmite1972 says:

    Oh how I would love to win this…I was looking at how pale and pasty I am looking at the mo just the other day! Skin always looks better with a tan oh and do you know what the best thing about being tanned is?? It makes you look that little bit slimmer! Any help with that is greatly received! lol
    Normally buy cheaper fake tan and it would lovely to try out some that costs that little bit more!

  47. Vicky C says:

    I would love to win this so I could be a bronzed goddess instead of deathly pale at my wedding in June.

  48. Leanne phillips says:


  49. ali007 says:

    I’ve lost over 3 stone in the past year and a healthy tan would complete my new look!

  50. Catriona Pavey
    Twitter: kpnutts

    Make me Orange!!

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