It's another notch on the watch!

It’s another notch on the watch!

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Well the results are speaking for themselves… My watch strap is getting loose, and I tried my luck to see if the buckle would go another hole into the watch and lo and behold hey presto! – It’s now on the 3rd hole – which is quite significant, as when I started this diet I was on the 1st hole.

It’s somehow altered my mindset too, as I now genuinely feel like I’m achieving, ans this is a major step of my journey!

I feel spurred on to really get into that purple summery dress this summer… It’s so pretty and as we are still only in February, and realistically it won’t be warm enough to wear it until about May / June time so i’ve got a few months to carry on and get trimmer.

Please let us know what spurs you, and how it made you feel!

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  • November 16, 2010
    Your post has been referred in a forum as a good read with regards to the subject. Im glad I stopped by. Take care.
  • July 31, 2010
    Just lost 8 pounds on this diet in my first week