Angel days or devil days?

Angel days or devil days?

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Well isn’t it funny how some days you can really be “in the diet zone” and other days you simply want to eat your own body weight in naughty things which silently seem to infiltrate most thoughts… today has been a hard fought battle between the two sides and here’s why

Breakfast: Special K with semi skimmed milk (angel)

Mid morning: unexpected visitor at work, and they brought a cake with them (turning devilish at this point) managed only a small slither, so trying not become a little devil and spoil it, when it has been so far so good.

Lunchtime: the salad I brought to work has been left in my bag as I forgot to put it in the fridge, and it’s rather sad and sorry and not at all cold… so i check out what else is in the fridge, only to find some garlic and herb Philly and some Ryvita’s kicking about in the cupboard, thinking i’d only have 2 doesn’t really work, and the full fat Philly rather got the better of me (next time I’ll get the light version)

So now i’m having a cup of tea, thinking should I dare to have a biscuit or not, and as i’m now at least 1/2 way down the mug i’m thinking that the temptation has passed, but until I actually finish the cup the thoughts are still lingering. (especially as i know that they are thick coated chocolate ones from M&S!)

So how do you cope with having good and bad days? what things do you find keep you on track? do let us know we love to hear your views

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  • July 31, 2010
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